The meaning of the name Ramat Tuntek "The sound of soul" who regain healing and calm to the people, who return the heart to the people.  In 2016 he released a solo album and was given named Ramat Tuntek from the elder of Ainu. He plays with various instruments such as Tonkori, Cajon, Tabla, Garrahand... and voice.

He creates improvises freely by going all the way from ambient to dance music. 

From 1991 Nippon Crown Record debuted with "NAMTIE BAZAR" album. In 1994 he formed "TENKOO Orchestra" and debuted worldwide from German IC / Digit Music GmbH. And we released 10 albums in Japan. He performed with Haruomi Hosono(ex YMO) and Shōkichi Kina(Okinawa's great musicians) and more..., and appeared in RAINBOW 2000, Fuji Rock Festival etc. Dave Goodman who was Sex Pistols producer invited us to Glastonbury Festival in UK every year until 1997-2001. He is also active as a percussionist in supporting and recording many musicians in and outside of the country.

Ramat Tuntek a.k.a Masahiro Bessho Solo Album Heart of the Water 29 April 2016 released! 

Organic ambient sound that your body in the flow of the majestic tide and lure you to the natural landscape of the mindful journey. This CD is perfect for relaxation, meditation and yoga. 

Please enjoy free listening.